Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Musician Biography

1) Faisal Alwie - Vocalist
   Name : Muhammad Faisal Bin Alwie
   D.O.B: 16 July 1989
   Education: Diploma In Accountancy
   Gear: Yamaha Dynamic Microphone

2) Ejal - 1st guitar / backup vocal
   Name: Mohd Shahrizal Bin Shukor
   D.O.B: 14 July 1992
   Education: Diploma In Mechanical Engineering (in study)
   Gear: Copy LP Sunburst Standard, Boss Distortion DS-1, Epiphone Standard Humbuckers Pickup, Ernis             ball string guitar, Gibson and Ibanez pick.

3) Keey - 2nd Guitar
   Name: Ahmad Zaki Bin Zolkapli
   D.O.B: 23 April 1991
   Education: Diploma In Electronic Engineering (in studies)
   Gear: Peavy custom guitar, Tesla VR-Nitro Humbucker pick-up, Zoom G2.1nu multi-effect, Ernie ball      string, Ibanez pick and strap.

4) Am - Bassist / backup vocal
   Name: Amzari Bin Mohammad
   D.O.B: 27 Feb 1990
   Education: Diploma In Mechanical Engineering
   Gear: Ashton 4 string tuner with built-in tuner,Ernie ball strap, Ernie ball bass string, Dunlop picks.

5) Arif Yahya - Drummer / backup vocal
   Name: Muhammad 'Arif Bin Yahya
   D.O.B: 16 March 1990
   Education: Diploma In Mechanical Engineering (manufacturing)
   Gear: Pearl Snare 14", Iron Cobra Pedal, Tama Stick 5A / 7A

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